Monday, August 6, 2012

How to Avoid Being Impatient While Waiting to See Your Crush

Impatient and waiting to see your crush?Ever feel like you can't wait to see your crush, not even until the next day? Use these tips to ease your frustration.  


  1. Try to do something else to get your mind off of him/her. You shouldn't obsess; it's unhealthy. If you text them every two seconds, they'll get annoyed with you, even if they do like you. You could watch a movie, study, do your homework, go for a walk, read a book, invite a friend over (NOT your crush), go out with friends, take up an instrument (or, if you already play one, do that), and many other things. Don't end up having so much free time that you leave yourself free to think of him/her or pester them.
  2. Limit your contact with him/her. Don't constantly text them or check your phone every 5 seconds for a text or a call. It will only make you think of them more, which will make the next time you see them seem even farther away.
  3. Try to get over them. The sooner you do this, the sooner you leave yourself with less opportunities to waste your time.


  • Don't become obsessive. There can be a fine line between love and obsession, but believe me, you'll know the difference. Ask yourself: do I just want this relationship, or do I actually like this person? Don't drag things out longer than they need to go.


  • Don't annoy them with constant texts or emails.
  • Don't call them on the phone only to talk for hours. Your crush has a life outside of you, and won't like it very much if you take up all of his/her time!
  • Don't visit them every day, for the same reasons above.



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